I'm almost always working on several smaller and larger projects at the same time, one of the problems why sometimes just nothing gets finished.

This site is one of those things that should help get me to actually create some finished products.

IP Reporter and TV Reminder are now freeware
My old shareware IP Reporter and TV Reminder are now available for free. A working, public serial is posted below. Active support has also ended at this point. I'm also considering releasing the source code.

IP Reporter: 1000-IPRP-3116B10B30-13B The serialnumber can be entered by clicking the 'Register' button in the About dialog, available from the Apple-menu, or from the IP Reporter menu if running Mac OS X.

TV Reminder: 1100-TVRM-3117A11930-149 The serialnumber can be entered by choosing 'Register' from the Apple-menu, or from the TV Reminder menu if running Mac OS X.

Click a link for more information.

  • IP Reporter 2.0.1: Shows, mails and posts your current IP number    
    Version 2.0.1 displays router IP numbers too!
    "I've tried several of these 'IP Reporter' type utilites and must say that IP Reporter by Eerko Vissering is the best of the bunch. It's small and does what it needs to do." -- chocky in VersionTracker review
  • TV Reminder 1.2.6: Reminds you of upcoming shows on TV  


IP Reporter 2.0.1 (click here for PPC version) shows your current IP number (local or from your router), and is able to show it to you, mail it to you, or post it on a website for global access. The application includes a simple HTML editor for creating a personalised website with your IP number.
System requirements: MacOS 8 or better, PowerPC. The carbon version runs natively on Mac OS X.

IP Reporter is shareware. If you use it after a trial period of 30 days please pay the $5 shareware fee, payable through kagi. Updates are free for all registered users.
Having trouble downloading / unstuffing? You need a recent version of Stuffit Expander to unstuff. A PPC-only version is also available for better stability on pre-Mac OS X systems.

Please report any problem to vissering@kagi.com and use at your own risk



What about IP Reporter and routers?

IP Reporter does now work perfectly well in combination with routers like IP Netrouter, Softrouter, Surfdoubler, ISDN dialup adapter, or the Airport basestation. To be able to report the right (external) IP number, I have to use an external server that can get this information. I've included three of these publicly available servers as default values. If you know more of such servers I can include, feel free to mail them to me.

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TV Reminder 1.2.6 (PPC version)
Often we are engulfed in fascination or work while using computers. As time flies by, so can your favorite television programs. How often have you realized a program you want to watch started 10 minutes ago?
TV Reminder alerts you when that great show is about to start so you don't miss a single minute. If you have the ability to import digital video, TV Reminder can even launch software on your machine that takes advantage of that ability, such as BTV. Even recording is a possibility!
Look at some screenshots to get a better idea of how it works. Or download the Carbon or PPC version right now!

TV Reminder is shareware. If you use it after a trial period of 30 days please pay the $15 shareware fee, payable through kagi.

New in version 1.2.6:

  • Fixed recording issues
New in version 1.2.5:
  • Removed weird colors in Mac OS X 10.1
New in version 1.2.4:
  • Added option to use 12-hour time display
New in version 1.2.3:
  • Improved stability
  • Now in Carbon and PPC version available for download
New in version 1.2.2:
  • Recompiled with RealBasic 3.2
  • All texts are now anti-aliased under Mac OS X
  • Some bugfixes
New in version 1.2 and 1.2.1:
  • All icons are now the same for a more consistent look
  • Carbonized - runs native under Mac OS X
    It's not possible to select an alternative warning sound under Mac OS X yet.
    The communication with BTV is pretty untested, because I can't run BTV under Mac OS X.
  • BTV View and BTV Edit are now both recognised as BTV Applications
  • Channels can be imported from BTV View or BTV Edit (tell me if this really works!)
  • Added preference to change channels when launching the viewer or when the show starts (tell me if this really works!)
  • Launch button in reminder dialogs has now balloon help
  • Icon of TV application in TV Reminder window is now updated directly after saving new preferences
  • Disabling of speech now works
  • Added 'Move Window in Main Screen' to the Help menu to fix if the TV Reminder window is gone
  • Some spelling errors corrected
I have a lot of plans for TV Reminder. I'm not certain when I have the time to implement them all, but expect some of the following features in the near future:

The convenient

  • Choose between 12-hour and 24-hour display
  • Set an exact date for a show if it is not this week
  • Collapse the main window so only the upcoming show is shown
  • More choice for reminding, adjustable per show

The nice

  • Mark overlapping shows
  • Hierachical reminder list and contextual menu support
  • Drag'n'drop support, multiple reminder lists

The cool

  • Support for more viewer applications: Apple Video Player to start with
  • Radio Reminder? Support for Amp Radio listening and recording of Internet radio
  • QTV Reminder? Support for Quicktime streams, remind of and view keynotes of an iCEO!
  • Support for the new infrared controller ZephIR

The infinite

  • Download program information from the Internet, with keyword and search ability

Got any more ideas? Mail me!

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