I sometimes actually create stuff that's so useful and so easy at the same time I wouldn't dare ask anything for it. So instead I offer it to the world. Here you are.

Mac OS X freeware
  • Focus 2.5: Shows active application's icon with optional clock (Mac OS X 10.2 required)
  • Pickup 1.4: EMP- and RMP-file download utility (a.o. for EMusic.com)
MacOS 9 freeware

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Focus 2.5 for Mac OS X 10.2
Did you ever wonder what your frontmost application is? You've just quit a couple, switched a couple of times with command-tab, and closed a window and now you're not completely sure if its application was closed as well.

You take a look at the Dock, but nothing gives away the frontmost application. You see a couple of them are running, but which one will quit if your itching fingers hit command-Q? You can always look at the menu, of course, but wouldn't it be easier to see an icon instead of only text?

All Focus does, is show you the active application's icon. Because its function is that simple, I've thrown in the usual junk of customizability: size, transparency, position on screen and window layering can all be adjusted to your needs. Version 2.1 adds an optional clock, analog or digital.

Focus with analog clock option Digital clock option Transparent icon

You can have a small icon in the bottom-left of your screen telling you which application is active, or a giant transparent icon on your desktop to make your work environment somewhat more, eh, dynamic.

New in version 2.5:

  • If autohiding is on, Focus will now also hide itself if the mouse comes near it during a drag operation.
  • The separators of the time will blink in the digital clock if the seconds are not shown
New in version 2.4:
  • Exclusion list for applications in which Focus will hide itself
  • Horizontal and vertical position sliders for the digital clock
  • The digital clock font size can now also be set using the Font panel
    You may have to do this the first time you run this version to see the clock
  • Dutch Read Me and localization (along with an updated Japanese one)
New in version 2.3.1: Enabled analog clock transparency for all hands.

New in version 2.3:

  • Analog clock color can be set for hour and minute hands
  • Support for multiple-monitor systems
    • Select a screen from the screen popup in the preferences
    • or drag the icon to any screen you like
    • Thanks to Thomas Deliduka & Michael Jardeen for testing this
New in version 2.2:
  • Japanese (thanks to RedGecko) and Dutch localization
New in version 2.1:
  • Digital clock option added
New in version 2.0:
  • Focus can now optionally display an analog clock on the icon
  • Focus is easy on the CPU, but you can hide the second hand of the clock to let Focus use almost no CPU time at all
  • Transparency of the clock is freely adjustable
  • Added option to ignore the dock and menubar while auto-positioning the icon
  • Added option to ignore all clicks on the icon, effectively allowing you to click 'through' the icon for applications that support it
  • Added option to draw a window background behind the icon, for example to better display above the Apple logo in the menubar
  • Transparency can be set to 100% now (double click the application icon in the Finder to show the preferences if you can't find the Focus icon)
  • Preferences window re-organized
  • Updated application icon to have *just* a little transparency
  • Added donation link to About window (a man's got to eat ;-) but Focus will remain freeware
New in version 1.2:
  • Optional fade between icons when switching applications
  • Optional drop-shadow behind the icon
  • Option to float icon above the menubar and dock
  • 1.2.1: Small preferences bug fixed
New in version 1.1:
  • Auto-hiding of icon if the mouse floats over it
    hiding can temporarily be disabled by holding the control key
  • icon format is shown and can be changed to a free value
  • icon format slider now goes all the way down to 16 pixels

Focus is ideal to put in your Login items in your System preferences. Focus doesn't appear in the dock, and stays clear of it if you change resolutions or move the dock. Apart from nine standard screen positions you can drag Focus anywhere to be just there where you see it but doesn't get in the way.

Focus has its own preferences window which is shown as soon as you click on its big icon. If you close the preferences window you can get it back by control-clicking on the big icon; a menu will appear allowing you to show the preferences window again. You can quit Focus from this menu too, or by using the button in the preferences window.

Focus is freeware. 2003 Eerko Vissering. All right reserved.


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Pickup 1.4 for Mac OS X
Pickup is an application that lists and downloads mp3 files from RMP and EMP files. These files are among others used by EMusic.com to allow you to download entire albums with one click.

New in version 1.4:

  • Proxy support
  • Added option to add downloaded tracks to iTunes
  • Save, copy or drag'n'drop Album Art
  • Improved compatibility with some files
  • Improved performance when adding many files at once
  • Added contextual menus
  • Added command to reveal package or MP3 files in Finder
  • Complete folder can now be droppen on the Pickup window
  • Added option to move completed packages to the trash
  • Lots of small improvements

Pickup v1.4 is donationware. It is completely free to use, but if you really like it I'd appreciate a small donation at Kagi or PayPal (use the button on the left).
Pickup is native Mac OS X (Cocoa) software, using sheets, toolbars etc. There is (and will be) no MacOS 9 or Windows version of Pickup.
 The configuration helper will help you set your browser to open EMP files in Pickup immediately, or open them yourself with Pickup later. Pickup downloads the selected mp3 files and organizes them in the download location.

Opened EMP files can be queued for download immediately and Pickup reliably downloads several files simultaneously. You can choose to download one or all of the mp3s in the package yourself.

A complete Info drawer shows you every detail of the selected item.

Download Pickup now and try it with the great EMusic.com service. Of course Pickup should work with every EMP or RMP file you find on the net.


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MacOS 9 freeware
If the scripts below don't work, or you want a nice all-in-one solution, check out IP Reporter, available for a modest shareware fee of $5 at my shareware page.
IP FTPer for MacOS 9. This script will post your current IP number to your website, so you can easily check it whenever you want, from anywhere on the world. It uses the build-in FTP client from MacOS 9 to accomplish this. It will automatically post your new IP number as soon as it changes!

IP Mailer for Claris Emailer and IP Mailer for Outlook Express. If you have a dynamic IP address at home and you want to know what your current IP address is, you're often at a loss. This script is a solution to this problem. Whenever it is run, it sends your current IP address by email to an email address you provide. You can use a web-based free email service for this. You can tell your favorite email client to run this script from within a schedule, or you can make it run whenever your computer starts up.
There is a version for Claris Emailer (tested with version 2.0v2) and one for Outlook Express (tested with version 5). It will probably work with different versions or even different email clients as well.
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Unlock Keychain script model v1.1. Now we have MacOS 9 with its great new features, and a keychain to be sure we won't forget any password. But there's one caveat: we still have to know the password to unlock the keychain!
Use this Applescript-model to create your own keychain-unlocker! No fancy tools needed.
If you want to unlock more keychains you can duplicate the line before 'quit' in the script as often as you want, filling in different keychain names and passwords.
SECURITY ISSUE: It is possible for people to read your password in the run-only Applescript you create with this model. Make sure no-one is able to access your script over the network. If you don't know who has access to your computer you should consider using the Multiple user accounts of MacOS 9, or the Password Security for powerbooks.
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