The links on this page aren't updated for quite a while, and reflect my Mac OS 9 period. I keep 'm around for old-times sake :-)

I have several places I regularly go on the web. I've put them here all together. It's easy for you, it's easy for me!

Versiontracker For all your Macintosh software updates.
This one makes sure I don't miss any new application.
Macintouch For all you Macintosh news.
This one makes sure I never miss anything news regarding the Mac community.
AppleInsider For all your Apple news and backgrounds.
This one makes sure I know what's going on inside and out Apple.
MacOSrumors For all your Macintosh rumours and details.
This one makes sure that if there's a rumour on the street, I've heard about it.
MacKiDo For all your Macintosh articles and humor in general.
This one makes sure I know what I'm talking about - regardless if the topic is processors or the latest internet humor.
More interesting sites: MacWeek, MacDownload, Tucows, MacFixit, and MacNN. Shall I start my own iReview site?

These are the shareware applications I like the most. Try them!

BTV is a great appliation which allows you to view full screen TV, or in a window with a size of your choice. I'm currently developing TV Reminder to work in conjunction with BTV.
G3strip allows you to view a lot of detail about your G3 processor and backside cache in the control strip. It also allows to set the size and speed of the cache, and to disable the cache when running on batteries.
FinderPop is the greatest enhancement for MacOS 8 and beyond you can find! It not only allows you to click-and-hold instead of control-click to see contextual menu's, but adds some useful menu's itself. You can even add your own hierarchy of folders into it!
Amp Radio is simply the best streaming mp3 player! Yes, I've tried Audion and SoundJam, but they just don't live up to my expectations. If you listen to internet radio a lot, try this one!
RealBasic is the best development environment currently available for the Mac OS. I use it a lot, and am stunned by the many possibilities it offers. If you want to know what it can do, download my shareware applications.

The following applications are in development, but are certainly worth a try.

iCab. An alternative web browser for the Mac that's still in development. It supports HTML 4.0, can check syntax and run Java and Quicktime, and now also runs plugins and some JavaScript.
Gerry's ICQ. A great new open source ICQ client!

VNC (Virtual Network Computing) is a way of controlling one computer from another, regardless of which platform is used. Much like Timbuktu pro, but free, from AT&T Laboratories Cambridge.

VNC server. Run this on the computer you want to control. This is the Mac version, there are versions for all operating systems.
VNC viewer. This is the client to control a computer which has VNC server running. This is the original Mac version and works just fine. I've had some problems with the latest beta version, but the previous version, which is also available for download, works alright.
MacVNC client. An alternative client which I find a lot more attractive and easier to use. But it doesn't do well if the server is a PC.

Of course I have to mention this page, hoping he'll put up a link to me (and he did)...